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Product name:
Benzofuroxan, BFO
Molecular formula:
Molecular weight:
CAS No.:

Enzofuroxan BFO is the starting material in the manufacture of the mequindox, can also be further considered as the intermediate of quinocetone.
Since 60 s of this century its chemical structure, synthesis and properties of BFO and its derivatives as well as the application in various fields have an extensive research, both as a certain aromatic complex compounds are intermediates, or in analytical chemistry, military, medicine, agricultural, biological, and rubber, etc all have important theoretical and application value.
Synthesis with adjacent nitro aniline compounds as raw material, under the influence of alkali metal hydroxide catalyst, using sodium hypochlorite fo oxidation Benzofuroxan - N - oxide (BFO) in r the synthesis of way.

Appearance: yellow crystalline powder

Content: 98% min

Moisture: 2.5% Max

As intermediate, used in the production of mequindox and quinocetone‍.

Quality index:
Melting point: 66-69 ºC
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